It Knows What it Knows

My personal tagline (for the moment) is “telling computers what to do, they don’t always listen the first time.” One of if not the most annoying property of ChatGPT is…

Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon

Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon Starts Now!

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon

Lets get these boat anchors and receivers OUT the door! Problem is they are in various states of disrepair and need to be addressed, probably fixed. If nothing else they…

1980 Scrabble LEXOR Game Repair and USB POWER

So I didn’t post about the Panasonic TR-425 TV video I published, damn, two weeks ago, so here’s that: I need to figure out how to get the CRT out…

Updates and NEW Video, 1970's Magnavox Solid State Table/Shelf Radio

Update and NEW Video

Hey, uh, HAPPY NEW YEAR. So yeah, things are going about as well as they have been. My time blindness is a thing and I’m pretty well sick of it….

A Test Post with a Story and Image

I will delete this soon (or maybe I won’t!) , I’m just testing some automation stuff. I might just leave this post up and use it as my test mule….

Open Letter to Disney Re: MCU & Doom vs. Kang

Gonna put on my MCU geek hat for a bit and rant about some (highly UNconfirmed) news I’ve read recently. That Disney’s Execs have grabbed the wheel of the MCU…

Lets Make Something

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ve tested some things in Playground already, I just need to get the automations in place and start seeing what it does. I’m going…

Ancient Library Unearthed

…or maybe it was just a box of computer books that hadn’t been looked at in almost 30 years. Also THANK YOU GUYS for putting me over 100 subs on…

Pioneer PD-M430….

Oh yeah hi, guess I should be updating this thing, huh. Here’s my latest video I uploaded to YouTube. I “fixed” this Pioneer CD Player. Or did I. If you…

Yours truly as imagined by the MidJourney AI.

Results of 9/14 Live Stream

[So I wrote this, left in draft mode and just found it. I don’t even… so here it is.] The video on the CD player will be coming out soon….