Elegoo Saturn Fan Replacement

Replacing the Fans in my OG Elegoo Saturn

Much like the title would imply, this is a video in which I replace the noisy growling screaming fans in my original gansta Elegoo Saturn resin 3d printer. They were…

working on the RCA 16x3 (at the old lab)

RCA 16×3 Restoration

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series RCA 16X3 Antique Radio

Well yeah, I suppose I better start linking to my own videos, right? In this series I’ll be restoring an antique RCA 16×3 radio. When I got it, it was…

Boomboxes: 1982 Sears model 2192 and Panasonic RX-5150

Panasonic RX-5150 and Sears 2192: 1982-83 Boombox Score

Scored a couple of Boomboxes at auction the other night. Both for under $30, which is definitely a score in my book. The first is a Sears model 2192 from…

ripptech labs

Getting The Lead Out

Oh, Hi there. Yes, its been over 90 days since my last update. Life deals you a shit hand every now and then, and well, I was on a roll…


Time for a HARD (and I mean hard) pivot. Like grab that emergency brake handle, do a full 720 and pick a new direction. The things that were working just…

Devils png sticker illustration, transparent

Infinite Scroll is The Devil™️

I just need to rant for a second. “Infinite Scroll”, or that thing when you get to the bottom of a webpage or app, like Amazon, or whatever, and it…

Yours truly as imagined by the MidJourney AI.

The Next Few Years Are Going To Be Interesting

What do I mean by that? I’m talking about AI of course. Artificial Intelligence. (If by some miracle you’re actually reading this and wondering why, once again, I haven’t posted…

Unboxing and Testing my ORIGINAL Atari 2600! With Yars' Revenge Comic and Star Raiders Controller.

Unboxing and Testing my ORIGINAL Atari 2600! With Yars’ Revenge Comic and Star Raiders Controller.

Here’s the first video on my YouTube channel!! My sister sent me our old Atari 2600 and here I am unboxing it, setting it up, and taking it for a…

Robot Hand Gaming Controller Stand / Holder / Display / Decor / XBox / Playstation / Bluetooth / PC / Mac / Android / Nintendo

Updates and New Products!

Actually this is just a placeholder since well I’m working on the store right now, when I’m done I’ll update this post. In the meantime, go checkout my Etsy store…

Valentines Day is Coming

Content? We Don’t Need No Stinking Content.

LOL. So uh, yeah. That went well, didn’t it. N Not sure how two months slipped by me, except to say BLACK FRIDAY XMAS OMG WTFBBQ and now its over….