Update and NEW Video

Updates and NEW Video, 1970's Magnavox Solid State Table/Shelf Radio


So yeah, things are going about as well as they have been. My time blindness is a thing and I’m pretty well sick of it. I get working on something, look up, and its been a month or two. This sucks.

Trying to find some ways to increase revenue, including the dreaded J-word. I know, right?

So what have I been working on? Well, I’ve been hard at work attempting to learn AI stuff. Launched another store/Etsy shop using that (https://goblincore.net/) and that’s going about as expected also.

I think I have 99% of my stuff moved in here, aside from the stuff in my shop (car parts, tools, etc.) and a bunch of big console type radios and stereos. So I’ve been trying to go through all of that, figure out what needs to get sold, fixed and sold, just fixed and kept, and finding a place for all of it.

Which means my bench has been in total disarray, which is why I haven’t been live in forever, which is why I don’t have any videos ready to go. I’m still sitting on a cache of recorded stuff and live streams I need to split up and edit. My video editing rig, though, is a POS Plain and simple. Between the storage issues, apparently my video card is old and busted, and won’t do some things that Adobe wishes it did. Ugh, can’t afford to upgrade that right now, so we continue to struggle along.

The bench is basically back together, and I’m putting the cameras back up, so I’ll be live again pretty soon, but I can’t say exactly when.

In the meantime, enjoy this video I recorded a while back, and apparently I edited it also, but never uploaded it. That’s just how disorganized and discombobulated I actually am. Doing 50 things at once, doing none of them particularly well, and then I keep circling back to the top of the list after a while.

I didn’t even open this radio up. Should I have? I don’t know, given that it works extremely well, I figured I’d just leave well enough alone. These 1970’s things are either rock-solid or failing already, there’s not a lot of in-between there. Reception is spectacular, and the volume… good grief how did anyone get out of the 70’s with their hearing intact?

There’s another video I’m TRYING to get transcoded, but FFS I keep running out of disk space on my multitude of drives, some of which are failing, so I keep having to shuffle crud around and hope it makes it. That video won’t get published to theTube until next week (gotta space it out a little y’know) but I’ll link it here.

Enough whinging (word used on purpose thanks spellcheck). Have a great day, and I’m going to TRY and remember to post more often.



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