Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon Starts Now!

Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon
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  • Hallicrafters Repair-a-thon Starts Now!

Lets get these boat anchors and receivers OUT the door! Problem is they are in various states of disrepair and need to be addressed, probably fixed. If nothing else they need checking out. So what am I talking about? These guys:

They are all what you’d call “Shortwave Receivers” meaning they’ll pick up pretty much any AM (and CW) signal from below the AM band up to about 30MHz or so. The S-118 and maybe a couple others can (I think) pick up sideband signals also.

From top to bottom, left side then right:

  • S-38C (disassembled)
  • S-22R
  • 8R40 (Later Model)
  • SW-500
  • S-120 #1
  • S-120 #2
  • S-118 “Mark I”

I’m going to start with the S-120’s and the SW-500. Mainly because they are all electrically identical, and I’ve already gone through one of them (I think #2 🤔🤔) I distinctly remember because the power switch lead broke clean off the switch itself and I had to wire up a switch on the back. We’ll see if we can fix that.

Then we’ll move onto the S-38C, since if I recall its not all that complicated.

Then the S-22R. This radio is gorgeous with the patina that’s on it. I’ll get it working, replace the windows (maybe) and just leave it alone.

Then we’ve got the two problem children of the bunch.

The 8R40 came in two different styles, one with a proper vacuum tube rectifier, and later (like this one) with selenium rectifiers inside. I CANNOT find a proper schematic for this variation, so I’m kind of flying blind. Kind of. The earlier schematic is out there, and hopefully its the same. I may have already worked on this, I honestly don’t remember. The thing is a beast, though.

Then the S-118. This is the earlier variation of this model for which I simply CANNOT find a schematic for. Well I can but I’m on the fence about paying the $$ for it only to be the wrong one or something. There’s a “Mark II” version which is apparently completely different underneath. Of course. I’ve not opened this one up yet to see what it looks like inside. It might just need a basic re-cap. Lets hope.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to live stream any of this or not. Honestly its probably better that I don’t. Going to be a lot of “huh” “ok” “sure” “$#^!#$E” and me looking up stuff attempting to figure out what I’m looking at. But they’re going to get done, and going to be up for sale. Soon. 😅😅😅😅

IF I decide to stream any of it, it will be on the YouTube channel and probably Twitch just because. In the end I’ll have videos and posts for each one individually, and likely mirror them to AntiqueRadio.Shop. Which is where they will be for sale (on the Etsy shop also.)




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