Anycubic Mono SQ insides

Well, yeah, so while I was back up at the farm in Wisconsin, I’d taken one of my Voxelab Aquila’s and my Anycubic Mono SQ up there so I could keep up with orders, etc…. you know how it is. I go to start a print on the SQ, the plate moves towards the vat, […]

Anycubic Photon Mono SQ 3D Resin Printer

Gonna update this post in steps… be patient lol. About a month ago, Anycubic had a post on their Facebook page… $110! Resin printer! Get em quick! Anycubic Photon Mono SQ! I’ve been considering dipping my toes into the resin printing pool for a while now, but the big thing holding me back, was the […]

Cheap Chevy Cruze Power Window Fix

So, the wife calls me and says “uh, the window in the cruze just broke and fell to the bottom of the door.” Great. I open up the door panel, easy peasy, get the stupid gasket sticker off, and find that one of the plastic clips that holds the window clip to the regulator broke, […]