Open Letter to Disney Re: MCU & Doom vs. Kang

Gonna put on my MCU geek hat for a bit and rant about some (highly UNconfirmed) news I’ve read recently.

That Disney’s Execs have grabbed the wheel of the MCU from Marvel’s Kevin Fiege and are having some knee-jerk reactions to lower than expected box office numbers. They plan to completely abandon the entire Kang the Conqueror storyline and instead blast on head-first into the whole Dr. Doom and Fantastic Four, and just dumping the X-Men (no spoilers rn) in there while they’re at it.

Quite frankly this is the worst possible move they could possibly make. Why?

Your die-hard fan base is what’s keeping this thing going right now. Until the bigger picture becomes clear, we get some crossover stuff, we see Hulk and Thor back in action along with “the new guys” …

You’re going to lose a little interest now and again. Not to mention, we’re in a spot of economic downturn, and OF COURSE discretionary spending, including movie tickets, are going to suffer.

Plus, what the hell, Disney. How much money is “enough” exactly? Recently “The Marvels” still grossed like over a hundred million US Dollars, right? How is that a failure in anyone else’s book but a bunch of overpaid twits who only want more?!

But to bring it back around, your die-hard MCU fan base is what you should be worried about. Not making the most generic watered down formulaic tripe you possibly can out of your intellectual property (cough SONY cough) just to make a half-assed attempt to appeal to everyone….

What you should be in fact doing is doubling down on it. Right now. Make the statement:

“No, we are not giving up on our original vision for the MCU. No, we’re not trashing (what I’m assuming is) a ton of work already done on the Kang story arc we’ve already chosen.”

Because if you do what the rumors say, you will instantly lose a shit-ton of credibility and respect from your true fanbase. (Not the ermagerd everything is so woke disney marvel fail ugh sniff crowd.)

And that includes me.

I think for the most part, we can all agree that the roughly 10-year long Infinity Gauntlet saga as a whole was one of, if not the biggest epic large-format stories ever put to film.

My not so humble opinion is that once we finally get to the end of this planned story arc, we will all sit back and go…

…. it will be that epic.

So, in the off chance anyone with any say at the ubermaus should see this…

Don’t be stupid. Don’t be reactionary. Step back and look at the big picture.

I mean just look at the licensing and merchandising…. Guys, come on.


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