Ancient Library Unearthed

…or maybe it was just a box of computer books that hadn’t been looked at in almost 30 years.

Also THANK YOU GUYS for putting me over 100 subs on YouTube. I think they send you a handwritten note on a crumpled post it note for that milestone, but I’m not sure.

Like I say in the video. When I was a kid, most of this would have gone right over my head, what with all the advanced math and stuff. Plus referring to technology I would have no access to at the time.

If nothing else its a nice look back at what we used to use for stuff. Databases especially.

If anyone is interested in these, I really have no use for them, other than to keep them on the shelf. Seriously, best reasonable offers. No lowballing, I kNoW wh… never mind, you know.

Also I’ve been working on some other stuff that I’ve been needing to get done. Not gonna say exactly what but it involves AI and a lot of grunt work, so yeah. If I vanish again for weeks at a time, that’s what I’m up to.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Since my automation isn’t working (STILL) I never posted this one up.

I’m particularly proud of this thumbnail 😀 I mean just look at it.

I’m also an idiot for not having my mic on. That’s two in a row I screwed up on. Never again.

More streams coming, but not on any sort of schedule. There’s just too much other stuff to do and I’m still running around like the proverbial chicken without a head… Hopefully something starts clicking and I can focus on that. Right now…. I’m still in the “see what sticks” mode.



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