Thanks, Anycubic!

Anycubic Mono SQ insides

Well, yeah, so while I was back up at the farm in Wisconsin, I’d taken one of my Voxelab Aquila’s and my Anycubic Mono SQ up there so I could keep up with orders, etc…. you know how it is.

I go to start a print on the SQ, the plate moves towards the vat, gets there, and….

click. the power to the unit goes out.

Anycubic Mono SQ with failed LCD screen

I restart the machine, only to find the LCD screen a solid white.

Now, this is where I start to sweat. I’ve heard the tales of Anycubic customer support and immediately start dreading this. I bought an end-of-life machine that was sold on the basis of little to no support, and the thing just dies a month after the first print. Greeeeaaaaat.

But, here’s the good part. Anycubic customer support did me right. Thanks you guys. They had me check a few things, and they decided the LCD screen failed, so they sent a new one.

From China.

Greeeeaaaaaat. I have orders to finish, so I hesitantly decide to put my money into an Elegoo Saturn. No, not the S or even the Saturn 2, just the plain old Saturn.

Once again, thanks, Anycubic! For introducing me to the Saturn!! Holy crap I love this machine so much.

But anyway, yesterday the screen finally arrived from the East.

Anycubic Mono SQ back up and running again! Thanks, Anycubic!

I installed it, and sure enough, its fixed (cough knock on wood)

So thanks to Anycubic for 1) fixing my printer and 2) causing me to get a Saturn which I love. The SQ is just gonna be a backup now.



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