This is like the web developer’s conundrum. You get so busy doing other stuff, that you forget about your own stuff 😬 and it looks like garbage.

So since Starfield has kinda sorta launched, tomorrow is the main launch, if you bought up (like me) then you got access on the first. So Starfield Forum got a nice healthy boost. Hopefully some of the traffic sticks. If you’re interested I’m streaming Starfield stuff occasionally at Twitch and Kick.

I’ve been ready for this since it was announced (and bought the above domain along with a few others I’m gonna let go bc I don’t have the time.) The game is F35472KING HUGE. And gorgeous in both sight and sound.

Trying to get a decent setup going to stream “retro” stuff that comes across composite video. You’d think that would be a simple matter but nooooo…….. Not the way I want to do it. More on this later.

There was a big Google algo change, and combined with my realizing that MY SERVER that G-Body Forum was the bottleneck to getting more traffic… Yeah so if you don’t have enough server processes running, the users’ browser sits and waits for a new one to become available. In my case, it was waiting. Not long enough to time out usually, but it was still waiting. Bump that number (and a couple others) and WHAM. Traffic. Page Experience numbers are KILLER for most of the site now. Just need to tweak the rest of the sites and see what happens. Mostly I’ve been sitting back and watching, not changing anything unless I have to. If its not broke… etc. etc. My 90-day traffic curve is a roller coaster.

Now if ad rates would come back up out of the toilet and paying decently again…

Been printing a few Etsy orders here and there. Need to enclose the FDM machines, because they are right next to the window ventilation fan and I guess the draft is causing issues the further up the prints go…. What else….

Got a bunch more fixit stuff recorded. Waiting on parts to come in to see if I can finish those videos or not 😅 A Magnavox LCD TV and a Philips CD player. Gonna tear into that Panasonic boombox tomorrow along with the CD player.

I’ve started streaming the fixit stuff LIVE on Twitch AND on YouTube. So be sure to follow and hit that notification bell if you want to know when that happens.

I also bought a “new” computer. Well new to me anyway. Retiring… well “putting out to pasture” might be a better term… the old HP MT-8300 Hackintosh. 😢 She’s being replaced with a Dell 3620T workstation, with a GTX970 GPU (yeah I know its coming) 16GB RAM, a new 1TB SSD and my old storage hard drives from the other machine. Amazing what a Benjamin Franklin will get you on eBay these days.

Which meant physically modifying the case on the Dell. 😔 had to rip out the drive cage to put the GPU in, and then there was no place to put the drives. So I managed with the bays that were left.

Why? Mainly video editing. Cripes the i7-3770 in the 8300 wasn’t cutting it any more with Premiere. The i7-6700, faster bus, and faster RAM (plus I’m gonna upgrade it further) should help immensely, especially on media encoder tasks (export, output, ingest, proxy etc.)

And yeah, I have to go back to Windows on the desktop. After 10 years of OS X, it had to happen. Now to get a better newer GPU and start using it for evil good AI-type stuff.

Also got out my old Mac Mini that I THOUGHT I had trashed 5y ago when I accidentally a connector on the main board. Figured I’d take a look at it. No spoilers but when that video comes out…. It’s gonna be embarrassing. The entire reason I bought that HP MT-8300 was BECAUSE I thought I trashed the Mini. Yeah.

What else…

Sold a few shirts via Antique Radio Shop and the Etsy Store. Anything helps at this point. Anything. Buy some 3D prints, some t-shirts, …. I even do requests. Kinda. Follow and Sub to my social channels, and stay tuned!

EDIT: It also helps if you don’t have a post and a post category with the same exact url in the system. doh. fixed.


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