Cheap Fix for Chevy Cruze Power Window

Cheap Chevy Cruze Power Window Fix

So, the wife calls me and says “uh, the window in the cruze just broke and fell to the bottom of the door.”


I open up the door panel, easy peasy, get the stupid gasket sticker off, and find that one of the plastic clips that holds the window clip to the regulator broke, and is sitting in the bottom of the door.


No, seriously, because the cheap part of this, is that you can get a couple of new window regulator clips from the big A for like 8 bucks.


But wait (record screech)

The cables all popped off their wheels and nothing lines up any more.


So I futzed around with it for about an hour, got fed up, and walked away before I got pissed and broke something. Which has happened a few times, and I’m trying not to be like that. So, yeah.

I will update this post when I get it completed, but for now, that’s where that sits.


Sooooo, flash forward a couple of days of me jacking around with this, and I realized that the cable is all tangled up around the motor, and honestly…

screw it.

Ordered an entire new power window regulator from the zon, should be here tomorrow and just drop in.

I hope.


2nd update:

Yeah, so the motor was basically trash, the cable knotted up on itself and it wasn’t gonna move.

So screw it, one hour later and an additional $60 …. and its finally fixed.

So maybe it wasn’t so cheap, I dunno.

But if you’re able to, just swap the clips, trust me. Unless your motor gets FUBAR’d then you’re SNAFU.


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